"Свинья, которая не летает - просто свинья." (с)Порко Россо
На "Дивинии" наладили тестовое ПвП. Выдержка из правил:

"Divinia RO2 Specific Rules

1. PvP is currently restricted to the Cognito Harbor map.
2. As with all aspects of the game do not abuse bugs. If caught you will receive a 12 hour ban.
3. Until the invisible bug is fixed you must use the /tr trick with your weapon put away to make you visible to other players before initiating PvP. Failure to do so is counted as abusing a bug.
4. If you enter a PvP map and have PvP turned on expect to get killed, multiple times.
5. Getting killed by a person or multiple persons is not a reason to start cussing. Normal chat rules apply. If caught you will receive a 2 hour mute.
6. Do not repeatably attack players who have PvP turned off. They have it off for a reason you need to respect that. If caught you will receive a 24 hour ban.
7. Report players by taking a screenshot and posting it in the RO2 player report section of the forums.
8. Repeated breaking of rules warrants increased punishment."


На данный момент владельцы сервера пишут в мап-эдиторе карту для постоянной ПвП-арены, так что порт через энное время снова станет "безопасной зоной". XD А пока, пробегая через локацию, можно нечаянно получить пинка файрболлом для ускорения. XDD

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